Griffith Elder weigh-beams case study

This year’s harvest has put the new generation of Griffith Elder weigh-beams to the test;

As every grain count with lower yields due to the dry weather the Griffith Elder weigh-beams lets the farmer know exactly what is in store.

Our durable weigh-beams came into play, withstanding the fluctuating English summer. The rugged design and portability makes these weigh-beams ideal for multi-site use, as the beams are easily transported with a tele-handler. This farm-friendly weighbridge ticks all of the practicality boxes whilst maintaining its affordability.

Dorset farmer James Cossins runs a mixed farming enterprise and has been putting the weigh-beams through their paces. The beams are manufactured from welded steel for rugged farm use, and offered in 2.8 or 4.4 meter lengths. They are ‘Factory calibrated’ so no special on site set up is needed. Mr Cossins favoured feature of the weigh-beams is the simple to operate FOB system which stores the tare weights of the tractor and trailer, ensuring that the driver doesn’t need to get out of the cab, providing a quick, automatic operation of the beams.

Included within the system is a traffic light to tell the driver when to move ‘on and off’ the weighbridge, and a large LED display which shows the weight of the crop about to be put into store. A removable USB stick allows each record to be output to a spreadsheet, with excel compatibility, providing accurate data for calculating crop yields and what is being stored, all of which, provides vital economic benefits for today’s cost conscious farmer.

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