In-field black-grass resistance test launched

An on-farm black-grass resistance diagnostic test in the style of a pregnancy test has been developed by Mologic, manufacturer of personalised diagnostics, based on work carried out by Professor Rob Edwards at Newcastle University.

According to Mologic, current testing methods require seed or plants to be sent off site for herbicide screening which can result in delays in making informed decisions about control options. BReD allows farmers and agronomists to map non-target site herbicide resistance in black-grass populations across the farm. Its speed enables growers to make immediate adjustments to black-grass control and it gives rapid feedback on the effectiveness of weed control measures, it added.

Mologic general manager, Mitch Brooker said: “We are excited to bring BReD to the field. It represents the first in a series of diagnostics we are working on to counteract resistance and emerging disease in the agricultural setting.”

Each BReD testing kit contains components for five tests and costs £39.99 + VAT.

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