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Black-grass Hub

Black-grass control: don’t let up

Autumn 2016 was a superb season for black-grass control; a long drilling window and just enough moisture for herbicides to do the job was welcome news.

But we can’t rely on getting the same conditions in 2017 so Bayer’s Black-Grass Hub will help you prepare for any season – good or bad. We know you can’t control the weather but how you respond is what matters for black-grass management.

At the Hub, speak to our team and use our information so you can make the most of any situation. Whether you need advice on pressing home the advantage after an effective pre-em programme or are dealing with the aftermath of sodden seedbeds, we have resources for you. From herbicides and application technology through to cultivation and crop choice there will be a team of experts at the Hub who can support you with your black-grass decisions.

For a more detailed discussion about some of the main developments in black-grass control, the Hub is hosting a series of seminars with specialists from inside and outside Bayer so that visitors get the freshest perspectives on black-grass control.

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