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Black-grass Hub

The ever popular Bayer Black-grass Hub will return to the 2018 CropTec show with the latest developements in black-grass control.

The hub will feature a series of presentations from experts from inside and out of Bayer CropScience, giving the latest advice and updates on black-grass control.

About the sponsor:

Bayer as an investor in the future of British & Irish Farmers.

There is no doubt the immediate future for arable growers in the UK is not without its challenges. Low commodity prices exacerbated by currency effects and increasingly difficult-to-control black-grass or cabbage stem flea beetle are contributing to a tough outlook.

Although commodity prices show no immediate sign of recovery, the long-term need for productive agriculture is not in question. The global population is increasing, and climate change means that the increase in food production will have to be achieved on a smaller land area. Predictions by Rabobank suggest there will be a 60% increase in global food demand by 2050 compared to the early 2000s.
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