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Biostimulant Hub

Ensuring optimum plant health is a priority for any grower looking to achieve the maximum yield potential and efficiency from their crop. Interest in plant health is fast gaining momentum, as growers and agronomists look for alternative products to enhance existing crop protection methods.

Part of this interest has been in the biostimulant market, which offers something innovative and different. This is because biostimulants foster plant health throughout the life-cycle, acting as a complementary addition to crop nutrition and crop protection products.

Biostimulants are applied with the aim of improving characteristics such as tillering, crop vigor, standing power, yields, quality, consistency and tolerance of stress. They work by improving the plant’s metabolism, facilitating nutrient and water uptake, and by enhancing quality attributes such as fruit setting, grain quality and limiting flower drop.

Biostimulants promote a resourceful and efficient approach to agriculture, contributing considerably to the sustainable agriculture agenda. Therefore, Arysta LifeScience is delighted to be sponsoring the Biostimulant Hub at CropTec 2017. Having already launched two biostimulant solutions into the UK market – BM Start and Rooter, Arysta LifeScience is proud to include biostimulants within its product portfolio.

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