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Consumers and the environment both demand cleaner and more sustainable farming practices with lower chemical inputs, whilst still needing high output and quality. One way to help work towards this goal is by using bio control products to replace or reduce chemical inputs. UPL’s mission is to change the game – to make every single food product more sustainable. Our new bio-fungicides launching at Crop Tec 2020 are another innovation to work towards a sustainable future.

Animated videos feature Greg Hanna, Technical Specialist & Trials Manager, UPL UK and Ireland.

Greg is an agricultural scientist with over a decade of experience in product development roles within the crop protection industry. Currently Greg is responsible for designing UPL’s trials programme to develop technical data and find the best positioning alongside technical stewardship.

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New biofungicide THIOPRON is an advanced liquid formulation containing sulphur, offering a valuable biocontrol and multisite partner option registered as a fungicide for use in cereals.  With control levels as high as, if not better than conventional chemistry, THIOPRON is a zero-residue, sustainable and cost-effective weapon against foliar disease.

This video explains the mode of action employed by this unique formulation, and highlights some of UPL’s recent efficacy and trials results.




IODUS is a new registered fungicide aimed at winter wheat for the control of septoria and reduction of powdery mildew.  The active ingredient, Laminarin, is sourced from natural ingredients, creating a powerful yet sustainable biocontrol product with no buffer zones, and zero residue.

This video demonstrates how the novel active ingredient works as a plant defence elicitor, stimulating the plants own natural defence mechanism, and compares its performance against conventional chemistry at the T0 timing.




VITALROOT (formerly known as Rooter) is a biostimulant containing GA142, UPL’s unique plant extract. With a wide crop label, VITALROOT promotes rooting and shooting in most arable crops, and tillering in cereals.  Whilst VITALROOT is not a control product, it can help to improve crop establishment, health and resilience against pest and disease challenges.

Watch the video to learn why this high quality biostimulant active is a favourite in the industry, thanks to a sustainable production process that refines and homogenises every batch to deliver the same great results at low dose rates.


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