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Improve herbicide efficacy of late drilled crops with AminoA bio-stimulants

Richard Phillips, managing director of natural bio-stimulant manufacturer AminoA, explains how the use of next generation biological crop stimulants has helped one farm operation develop a late drilling system to help manage a major resistant blackgrass problem.

The farm has been able to manage the resistant blackgrass problem and overcome take-all yield decline whilst maintaining high outputs and margins.

Discover how input costs and herbicide bills can be reduced and yields and quality increased with the use of biological crop stimulants.


Using AminoA products boosts yield and quality resulting in a positive return on investment and increased profits.

AminoA products are designed to…

> Increase root development

> Improve leaf and bud development

> Stimulate blossom, formation and growth of fruit

> Increase resistance to stress by cold, heat, drought, and agrochemical phytotoxicity

> 100% Organic Products

AminoA Products are highly concentrated crop biostimulants. Developed from a concentrate of totally natural 100% L-α amino acids through enzymatic hydrolysis.

High Nutritional Value

With their high content of Nitrogen (N), natural Potassium (K), readily available Iron (Fe) and Magnesium (Mg), AminoA products also have a nutritional mode of action which complements the main biostimulant effect.

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