Antonis Angeletakis

Business Development Manager, Biostimulants for Yara UK

After graduating from the Agricultural University of Athens with a M.Sc. in Agricultural Science in 2003,  i worked for EUROFARM SA as an Area Sales Manager of plant protection products, fertilizers and seeds. After working for almost 2 years there I moved to Valagro Hellas SA where i worked for 6 ½  years in different roles. After four years working as an Area Sales Manager for special nutrition products in Greece I took over the role of the Export Sales Manager for Bosnia, Bulgaria and Serbia. A year later and when Valagro decided to create a Technical Department in Greece i became the Technical Manager for Greece, Cyprus and Balkans. Part of my role was to provide technical support to the sales teams and work on the development of new products. Later on I moved to DuPont Hellas SA where I worked for 5 ½ years as Development Specialist with main responsibility the implementation of the overall strategies for Greece for the development of crop protection products. At the same time I was leading the assigned projects of specific products as Zonal Biology Coordinator for South EU. When FMC acquired the part of the DuPont business I was working for I joined FMC as Development Specialist for Greece and Bulgaria. I joined Yara in May 2018 and I’m currently the Business Development Manager for Biostimulants with  main responsibility the implementation of the overall strategy for the development of Yara’s biostimulant portfolio globally.